TROTWOOD, Ohio (WDTN)– Thousands of people attended a Fashion Food Truck Rally in Trotwood, an event to showcase small businesses and also where others can get vaccinated. The rally easily attracted more than 1,000 people throughout the day.

45 vendors and 15 food trucks set up camp to showcase their products, and they said they attribute the large crowd to the vaccine rollout.

“People are feeling better about coming out because of the vaccines and a lot came out to get vaccinated,” said Founder of Fashion Food Truck Rally Tae Winston. “Everything put together made people feel safer about attending this event today.”

In addition to the rally, Winston included a vaccine clinic and other health needs to make readily available for residents in need. Fitness Specialist Jasmine Bryson founded her business Waistlyne in 2018 and says she’s noticed an increase in business as vaccines were available to the general public. 

“This has been very good bringing business especially with the vaccines coming out, people feel safe to shop and business is booming,” said Bryson.

Founder of Butta Love Crystal Edley says she’s witnessed other businesses struggle during the pandemic, and the Fashion Food Truck Rallies give small businesses a fighting chance.

“These rallies mean a lot because people come out for Tae for her events, there’s thousands of people out here right now,” said Edley. “Especially in the pandemic this is beneficial for small businesses, and it’s very much appreciated.”

Winston also owns the Entrepreneur Shoppe, Marketplace and Connection to all promote black-owned businesses here in the Miami Valley. To get more information, click here.