DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – 35-year-old Brandon Cooper was a Lyft driver for four years. His wife Brittney Cooper said he drove for Lyft to support his career as a game designer and her photography business.

“We are beyond devastated, heartbroken, and now we have to go through the difficult task of laying him to rest,” Brandon’s mother Michelle Cooper said.

Brandon’s family said they are still processing what happened when Brandon was killed in Dayton early Wednesday morning while out on his Lyft route.

“I still kind of feel like he is out driving and his is just going to come home at some point, I know that he won’t, but it feels like he is going to come home soon,” Brittney said.

Michelle and Brittney described Brandon as a kind-hearted and caring person, always wanting to go above and beyond to help others. Brittney said he even would have tried to help the four teens allegedly involved in his death.

“The teenagers are the same type of people that he would talk to and tell them they can do more, that they don’t have to do anything crazy, that they don’t have to be on the streets,” Brittney said.

Brandon and Brittney were nearing five years of marriage in April and he was his mother’s only child. The family now devastated by his loss.

“I just want them to know what they stole from us,” Michelle said. “We are devastated. We are heartbroken. And for what? Because they wanted his car? Something he worked hard for.”

“They don’t understand how they destroyed many lives just by taking one life,” Brittney said.

Michelle said she wants to see the teens involved held accountable and tried as adults.