DAYTON, Ohio – Family and friends of Kwasi Casey are upset after a Dayton police officer’s comment on social media following Casey’s death surfaced.

Kwasi Casey was kidnapped in July. His remains were found in a burned garage in September. Casey’s cause of death has not been determined.

A family member of Kwasi Casey says she is doing her best to counsel Casey’s young son, especially after the Facebook comment was made public.

She says it has added a painful layer to the already heartbreaking reality of losing Casey but she thinks an apology wouldn’t be enough.

On Facebook, Officer Timothy Liddy wrote the following:

“Karma finally got Kwasi! When you live the life he did and area career criminal it comes back to get them. We’ve seen it too many times for years.”

“An apology wouldn’t be sincere, if you genuinely cared you would have never said it in the beginning,” she expressed.

A friend of Casey’s expressed his feelings on the widely-circulated and controversial comment.

“It’s okay for you to feel like that and think like that but you can’t vocalize… you can’t put that onto social media where everyone can see it. You’re a cop,” said Johnathan Neely.

Casey’s friends and family say the comment does not properly reflect who he was.

“My son doesn’t know that Kwasi. I don’t know that Kwasi. People judge you off of what you wear what you dress, but you have to [have] know [Kwasi]. His heart was big.”