DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Families and loved ones of victims of the mass shooting in the Oregon District early Sunday morning met up at the Dayton Convention Center, which opened as a reunification center.

The convention center was open to families looking for their loved ones who may have been a victim of the shooting. 10 people were killed, including the suspect, and 26 were injured as of 8:30 am Sunday.

Families and friends were streaming in and out of the Dayton Convention Center. Some waited hours for answers, wondering if their loved ones were among the victims.

Multiple EMA officials also made their way to the Dayton Convention Center, including some from Clark County.

Many of the words used by people at the Dayton Convention Center to describe the situation include “awful,” “sickening,” and “ridiculous.” One person, a veteran, posed the question whether he was safer in the military than his own city.

Among those assisting the EMA officials is the American Red Cross, which has also been assisting in the recovery of the Memorial Day tornado outbreak.

“Tough six months for our community, but we’ll work through that,” Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley said. “But now, our focus is on families and the friends that went to Downtown on a Saturday night and thought they’d go home safe and that didn’t happen.”

Those who are looking for family and friends can go to the Dayton Convention Center for more information or call 937-333-8430.

There is a tipline available as well for anyone with information on the shooting. That phone number is 937-225-6217.