KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) — A teacher in Kettering is now bald after losing a bet with his students.

Kyle Boze is a teacher at Kettering Fairmont High School and the creator of the Adopt a Family Program. He started this program several years ago as a way to show his students the importance of giving back to their communities.

“It’s been an annual program that we do to raise money for people who are in need in the area. So it started out kind of small and then over time it’s gradually developed,” Boze explained.

This year, Boze challenged his students to raise $10,000, and if they reached that goal, they got to pick an incentive.

“The overwhelming vote wasn’t even close, it was to go bald. So I didn’t think they had a chance. And then at the end, they really started to get in the groove and we hit $10,725. So this morning I got a fresh cut,” Boze said.

Boze and his freshly shaved head joined students at Target on Saturday to spend all the money on gifts. His students Brock Baker and Landry Wright said they were grateful for the opportunity to give back… and to see him go bald.

“Feels amazing. I’m so happy that we get the opportunity to raise all that money from them,” Wright said.

“I’m excited that Mr. Boze got the shave. So that was an exciting incentive to help raise a lot of money for the kids,” Baker said.

More than 150 families will receive gifts this year. Boze said he could not be more proud of his students, and he hopes they will continue to have this giving spirit long after they finish high school.

“I think it’s really cool for the kids to get to experience and know the community around them. A lot of them just have no idea some of the struggles that people go through. So a lot of families will get gifts for this Christmas. And if it takes me getting a shave, it’s all good,” Boze said.