FAIRBORN, Ohio (WDTN) — A locally owned ice cream shop in Fairborn has gained national recognition.

“When they brought up our name “Best in the Midwest” I was like, I was looking around like, does that really say our name?” said Julie Domicone, head of operations at Jubie’s Creamery.

Jubie’s Creamery at 471 West Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd. near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has been in business for roughly four years.

It recently won Best New Flavor from the North American Ice Cream Association for its Choc-A-Lot flavor. It was the first year the shop entered the contest.

“It’s a dark chocolate premium base, and then it has a fudge ripple, and then it has these little chocolate flakes, and then we do actually cut up pieces of the Esther Price chocolate fudge. So we partnered with them, and we just chop it on up, and put it in,” describes Domicone.

The shop offers 32 flavors, but Domicone says their best-seller is vanilla.

“At any ice cream shop, I can almost guarantee you the top seller is vanilla, and ours is no different. Our vanilla is our top seller. I think it’s a classic flavor. People get it, you know– it’s in all of our sundaes. People make shakes out of it, things like that. But our number one flavor every month is vanilla,” states Domicone.

While she says business has been good, she’s hoping the award-winning flavor will draw in even more customers.

“We source our ingredients all locally. We spent almost two years working on our menu and building that out. It’s the best ice cream we think you can possibly get,” says Domicone. “We’re very, very proud of it. And I think that we’re hoping that it can help us just continue to grow our name and our brand recognition and get people to try our delicious ice cream.”