FAIRBORN, Ohio (WDTN) – The Fairborn City Schools Board of Education approved a new position entirely focused on safety for students and staff.

The Board of Education unanimously voted to create a supervisor of safety and security position and appointed Sgt. Bill Titley to fill the role as chief of security.

Fairborn City Schools has been working in the background for around six months to create the role, but Titley said the Uvalde, Texas shooting heightened the importance of keeping kids and staff safe.

“The incident in Texas, and every time we have another incident, it points out shortcomings that all districts have,” Titley said.

Titley is retiring from the Fairborn Police Department in June, where he served for over 23 years, 14 of those as a school resource officer for Fairborn City Schools. Titley also owns a private company that provides threat assessment and active aggressor training to schools and churches.

“One of the important things for us was getting a person very familiar with Fairborn, very familiar with threat assessment,” Board of Education President Jerry Browning said.

As chief of security, Titley will take on the responsibility of making buildings as safe as possible by identifying any security issues, developing emergency operation plans for the district and providing threat assessment training for all teachers and staff.

“Make each building and each person in the building as safe as possible by having good procedures, having good policies and having good training for the staff and the students, and really making sure that everyone is aware of what they should be looking for,” Titley said.

Browning said keeping students and staff safe is the district’s priority, especially after recent mass shootings across the country.

“Everything we do as a board is really for the kids and students of the district and safety and security is really kind of the overriding thing to make sure they do get a chance to make it home safe every day,” Browning said.

Titley said he plans to hit the ground running. He will being planning over the summer so when teachers return in August, they can go through threat assessment training.