DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — After recent reports of bacterial infections contracted while swimming, health experts say they say there are precautions you can take.

They say you shouldn’t swim with an open wound or swallow the water.

“It’s something people should be aware of,” says Dan Suffoletto, the Public Information Supervisor with Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County.

Health experts say bacteria is found in any body of water, even swimming pools.

“The pool is a contained space. There’s only so much chlorine in there, and anything you have on you — be it makeup, perfume, bodily fluids — those things work against the chlorine,” says Suffoletto.

Officials say just because a pool is chlorinated, doesn’t mean it’s cleaner.

“The chlorine works to break down the bacteria, but there’s certain bacteria such as Crypto, even though there’s chlorine in the pool and it’s perfectly treated, it takes a very long period of time for that chlorine to break down that bacteria,” says Suffoletto.

Officials with Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County say an infection could happen if you have a cut or a bite or if you drink the water. They say some people are more at risk than others.

“People with weakened immune systems, people who have kidney disease or liver failure, those types of conditions can make it much more susceptible for you to contract that bacteria,” states Suffoletto.

Experts say showering before and after taking a dip in any body of water is a good idea. They say if you don’t feel well, seek medical attention.