DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Some businesses and event organizers say they are scrambling after the Radisson Hotel announced they’re set to close in one week.

“I got a call on Friday. It wasn’t even from the hotel. It was from the Visitors Bureau, and they said, ‘Hey, just so you know, your hotel is going to be closed’,” said AcadeCon Organizer Michael Ross.

Ross says they’ve booked convention housing with the Radisson since 2012, even before when it was the Crowne Plaza. He says he went into crisis mode after learning about the Radisson’s sudden closure but thankfully, a quick solution was found.

“Within two hours we had a new room block set up, I was in complete crisis mode but within two hours we had a new room set up because someone was willing to help me out,” said Ross.

Additionally, the WGI Sport of the Arts is having to reschedule hundreds of reservations due to the Radisson’s closure. WGI’s Chief Executive Officer Ron Nankervis says the closure was a complete surprise but he believes they’re lucky since the World Championship isn’t until April 2023, they have time to rebook accommodations.

“I didn’t see this coming, not at all,” said Nankervis. “I knew they were actually talking about renovations to the property at one point. But, the good news is that it happened now as opposed to right before the event so there’s plenty of time for people to find another hotel that suits their needs.”

WGI says they’re seeing a 36% increase in group entries for the 2023 World Championship but is remaining optimistic that the Radisson site won’t remain vacant for long.

“I trust in our team to figure this out and then also, it’s not going to be as convenient being across from the Convention Center but who’s to say that the hotel is not going to reopen before April,” said Nankervis.

Right now, employees say their last day is next Monday, October 31st and any reservations past that date have been canceled. The President of Commonwealth Hotels did not confirm why the Radisson is suddenly closing.