MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) – Miami Township is giving its residents the option to opt-in for energy aggregation with two ballot questions that would create a single rate residents pay for natural gas and electricity.

“We’re seeing the cost of water go up, we’re seeing the cost of natural gas go up, everyone, of course has seen the price of gasoline go up, so electric and natural gas, we really thought that this was the best time to start an aggregation program,” Miami Township Trustee John Morris said.

Energy aggregation is when people come together as a group to negotiate a shared rate for natural gas and electric.

“The world of utilities has been deregulated and what this would allow our township to do is use the power of the entire township to go out and negotiate one single rate that every member of the township would be able to choose to participate in,” Morris said.

When voters in Miami Township go to the polls for the May 3 Primary, they’ll see two questions. The first would allow the township to aggregate natural gas. The second would allow the township to aggregate electric.

If the ballot issues pass, this would allow the township to negotiate a better deal than a person could get individually.

“Then we will enter into an agreement with an organization and they will immediately go out to the market and try and negotiate for better rates,” Morris said.

Morris said their goal is to keep energy costs affordable, but every resident would get the choice to opt out.

“It’s simply a choice whether you want to participate for not, and we believe in the end, that that choice will reflect itself in lower utility prices for our residents,” Morris said.

If passed, the Morris estimates the township will have rates secured by the end of summer.