Election 2019: List of Miami Valley issues on the ballot

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DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The list of issues on the 2019 election ballot in the Miami Valley.

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Auglaize County

Cridersville2 millsRenewal, operating expenses
New Bremen2 millsReplacement, emergency services
Duchouquet Twp.2 millsReplacement, emergency services
German Twp.1.25 millsRenewal, emergency services
Noble Twp.0.7 millsRenewal, emergency services
Union Twp.3 millsAdditional, emergency services
Waynesville, Wayne Twp.1 mills Additional, emergency services

Champaign County

Christianburg1 millReplacement, operating expenses
Mechanicsburg2.5 millsRenewal, emergency services
Goshen Twp.0.5 millsRenewal, Maple Grove Cemetery
Jackson Twp.1.9 millsRenewal, road and bridge repair
Johnson Twp.1 millsRenewal, road and bridge repair
Mad River Twp.1.5 millsRenewal, road and bridge repair
Rush Twp.0.5 millsRenewal, Maintaining cemeteries
Union Twp. 2 millsRenewal, road and bridge repair
UrbanaY/NSunday alcohol sales

Clark County

Springfield Twp.1 millRenewal, road and bridge repair
Springfield Twp.2 millsRenewal, emergency services
Clifton6.5 millsRenewal, operating expenses
Enon2.5 millsRenewal, police services
Pleasant Twp.0.5 millsRenewal, emergency services
Moorefield Twp.1 millRenewal, road and bridge repair
German Twp.1 millAdditional, road and bridge repair
German Twp.0.4 millsRenewal, emergency services
Harmony Twp.2 millsRenewal, emergency services
Springfield Twp.1 millRenewal, emergency services
Clifton2 millsRenewal, operating services
New Carlisle0.5 income taxContinuation, police services
Green Twp.1.5 millsBridge and road repair
Green Twp. Fire1 millEmergency repair
Madison Twp.2 mills and 0.5 millsReplacement with increase, emergency services

Greene County

Bath Twp.7 millsRenewal, fire services
Cedarville2 millsRenewal, current expenses
Cedarville1 millRenewal, current expenses
Jamestown2.3 millsRenewal, emergency services
Casesars Creek Twp.1.5 millsRenewal, emergency services
Beavercreek Twp.3.5 millsAdditional, emergency services
Sugarcreek Twp.2 millsRenewal, police services
Xenia Twp.3 millsRenewal, emergency services
Greene County Parks0.9 millsOperating costs
Jamestown3.5 millsRenewal, maintenance costs
Clifton6.5 millsRenewal, operating costs
Clifton2 millsRenewal, operating costs
Yellow SpringsY/NCharter amendments
BeavercreekY/NCharter Amendments

Logan County

Logan County.25 millsReplacement, Operation of historic society
Indian Joint Fire Dist.1 millCurrent expenses
Ridgeway1.5 millsRenewal, emergency services
Perry Twp.1 millRenewal, current expenses
Rushcreek Twp.Y/NTownship aggregating electric
DeGraff1.8 millsRenewal, emergency services
Rushylvania3 millsReplacement, current expenses
West Liberty0.8 millsRenewal, current expenses
West Mansfield3 millsRenewal, current expenses
Belle CenterY/NLiquor sales at local carryout

Mercer County

CelinaY/NAlcohol sales at Aldi
Butler Twp.1.5 millsRenewal and increase, emergency services
Center Twp..35 millsAdditional, parks and rec
Mercer County1 millRenewal, county home costs
Dublin Twp.0.5 millsRenewal, current expenses
Hopewell Twp.1.7 millsRenewal, current expenses
St. HenryY/NVillage to aggregate electricity
Chickasaw3 millsReplacement, current expenses
MontezumaY/NAssessment renewal for lighting district

Miami County

Concord Twp.Y/NVote on zoning change at Monroe-Concord Rd.
Lostcreek Twp.1.5 millsRenewal, fire fighting facilities
Monroe Twp.3.5 millsAdditional, emergency services
Newberry Twp.3.5 millsAdditional, emergency services
Pleasant Hill3.5 millsAdditional, emergency services
Springcreek Twp.2.5 millsRenewal, operation expenses
Staunton Twp. 4 millsRenewal, current expenses
Union Twp.0.25 millsRenewal, senior citizen services
Bethel (W)Y/NSunday alcohol sales Sunoco Food Mart
Casstown1.65 millsRenewal, fire services
Fletcher 1 millRenewal, ambulance services
Piqua 1 C/EY/NSunday alcohol sales at True North BP
Tipp City DY/NSunday alcohol sales at Shell station
Troy1.2 millsAdditional, park and rec
Union0.5 milsAdditional, operation services

Montgomery County

Clay Twp.3.25 millsRenewal, police services
German Twp.1 millReplacement, roads and bridges
Jackson Twp.2.5 millsRenewal, fire services
Jefferson Twp.5.5 millsAdditional, fire services
Perry Twp.Y/NVote to aggregate electric
Perry Twp.Y/NVote to aggregate natural gas
DaytonY/NCharter amendments
Englewood2 millsAdditional, Emergency services
Englewood BY/NSunday alcohol sales at Aldi
Huber Heights 1-DY/NSunday alcohol sales at Casey’s General store
Huber Heights 6-AY/NSunday alcohol sales at Brick and Tap Tavern
Miamisburg 1-BY/NSunday alcohol sales at True North BP
Riverside8 millsAdditional, roads and bridges
RiversideY/NVote on amendments
Union0.5 percent income taxAdditional, municipal operations
Vandalia JY/NSunday alcohol sales Amvets Post 0099
New LebanonY/NSunday alcohol sales Casey’s General Store
New Lebanon5 millsRenewal, current operating expenses
Verona2 millsRenewal, operating services
Verona1.9 millsRenewal, operating expenses

Preble County

Gasper Twp.1 millAdditional, EMS services
Gratis Twp.0.7 millsRenewal, cemetery maintenance
Gratis Ambulance1 millRenewal, emergency services
Lanier Twp. Ambulance1 millRenewal, EMS services
Washington Twp.0.5 millsRenewal, fire services
Washington Twp.1 millRenewal, fire services
N. Central Ambulance2 millsAdditional, emergency services
NW Fire and Ambulance3 millsAdditional, emergency services
Library1 millReplacement, current expenses
Health District0.3 millsRenewal, health programs
Job and Family Services0.6 millsRenewal, Capital improvements and services
Mental Health Services0.65 millsReplacement, mental health programs
Eaton0.5 millsContinuation, public safety
CamdenY/NSunday alcohol sales at Camden BP
College Corner2 millsRenewal, current expenses
College Corner7 millsRenewal, police services
Lewisburg3.8 millsReplacement, current expenses
New Paris2 millsRenewal, operating expenses
Verona1.9 millsRenewal, operating expenses
Verona2 millsRenewal, operating expenses
West Elkton1.5 millsRenewal, fire services

Shelby County

Lockington Village1.5 millsRenewal, parks and rec
Sidney0.15 percent income taxAdditional, emergency services
Sidney0.15 percentAdditional, roads and bridges
Orange Twp.0.4 millsAdditional, emergency services
Houston Ambulance0.6 millsRenewal, ambulance services
Clinton Twp.2.45 millsRenewal, EMS services
Jackson Twp.0.5 millsRenewal, ambulance services
Jackson Twp.1 millRenewal, fire services
Perry Twp.1 millRenewal, fire services
Shelby County0.25 millsAdditional, museum operations
Dinsmore Twp.1 millAdditional, roads and bridges

Warren County

Harlan Twp.2.9 millsRenewal, fire services
Hamilton Twp.1 millAdditional, police services
Hamilton Twp.1 millAdditional, police services
LovelandY/NCity charter amendments
County Health District0.5 millsAdditional
WaynesvilleY/NCharter amendments

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