DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The start of baseball season also means we are nearing the start of patio season for local bars.

With more people heading out for a drink, Miami Valley bartenders and addiction recovery experts are sharing tips on how to have fun responsibly.

Along with pouring pints and serving cocktails, Troll Pub bartender Khaliel Daily said his job is also to look out for the signs when someone has had too much to drink.

“Just like slurring words, stumbling, aggression, you can usually tell somebody’s been in another bar,” Daily said. “We just make sure that they’re taken care of in the right way and not being overserved.”

Tristyn Ball with Montgomery County ADAMHS said that if you are headed to the bar, you should always have a designated driver, eat and drink water in between alcoholic drinks and know your limits before you go.

“If you want to have two drinks, limit it to two drinks,” Ball said. “Communicate that to the person that you’re with and maybe hold each other accountable.”

Ball said it’s important to be aware of warning signs when drinking for fun has turned into an addiction. ADAMHS has an app with the resources available in our community to get help.

“Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start,” Ball said. “Having all of our resources and the local help now out is a really good place to just see what’s available.”

You can learn more about the Local Help Now app provided by ADAMHS by clicking here.