DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton Public Schools will be going to a hybrid learning model in November.

Parents still have the option to choose only virtual learning but Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Lolli said it’s likely their teachers could change when they start in-person instruction. She said from the responses they’ve received so far, about 80 percent are opting for the hybrid model.

She said after they receive all responses of what option the students are choosing, they will select some students to attend in-person Monday and Tuesday, everyone will do virtual learning on Wednesday, and the other half will go in-person Thursday and Friday.

“We’re going to have to learn to live with this pandemic for a while,” said Lolli. “To continue to not have our students face-to-face is only detrimental to them. We need to be able to see them, we need to be able to teach them.”

Some career tech and Stivers Arts students will return as early as October 5. All remaining students will start the in-person component November 9.

“Those students that choose totally virtual, they will have a regular DPS teacher but it will not be their classroom teacher in most likelihood, because it will be the classroom teacher that doesn’t have a full class in a building around the district,” said Lolli.

Lolli said they’re maintaining their original plan they rolled out this Summer for going face-to-face with one change.

“Knowing what we know now, if they social distance in the schools and wear masks, the contact tracing is easier and we don’t necessarily have to close down an entire building for the 14-28 days quarantine, and that’s been a really good lesson for schools to learn,” said Lolli.

Parents must choose their children’s learning option by Oct. 23. Lolli said any parents that don’t, the district will assume the students are staying virtual.