DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – It’s been a tragic holiday season for Dayton Public Schools, as officials say five students died in recent weeks.

The most recent tragedy was 9-year-old Ruskin Elementary student Jaremy Vasquez and DPS Superintendent, Dr. Elizabeth Lolli said they’re still working on helping the students and staff cope with this grief.

Donations continue to roll in at La Michoacana, a Mexican market in Dayton that is raising money for Jaremy Vasquez’s funeral.

They said they’ve had to empty the bucket twice because of the donations.

Meanwhile, Lolli said they’ve had grief counselors on site at Ruskin Elementary School to talk with Jaremy’s friends and teachers.

“Jaremy’s was the latest situation that we’ve dealt with with our crisis teams, and yes, it went as smoothly as possible,” said Lolli. “They were there both Monday and Tuesday, and they’re on call for any student individually, any classroom, any teacher.”

Lolli said over the holidays, DPS lost five students and that what has helped them during this time of loss was that their teams are always prepared to go into a school, whether the death was from natural causes or a tragic accident.

“We always have a crisis team that’s available that go in immediately to talk with the students, talk with teachers, and make sure that everyone is okay and stabilized,” said Lolli.

She said the grief counselors then stay there until they feel they are no longer needed.

“Not that you ever get okay, when you either lose someone that you’ve taught or a family member or a friend, but the fact of dealing with the grief is something that we take very seriously and our crisis team is there to help and support,” said Lolli.

Jaremy Vasquez was killed in a deadly crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.