DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Ahead of his retirement, Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl was honored at a reception, where co-workers thanked him for over 40 years in public service. The event occurred at the Dayton VA’s campus where both police departments have combined efforts multiple times during Biehl’s time as DPD Chief.

Originally from Cincinnati, Biehl formerly worked as a Queen City police officer, moving to Cincinnati’s assistant police chief before heading to Dayton. Chief Biehl has served as Dayton’s Police Chief for over 13 years, beginning his career in the Gem City in 2008.

(Pictured above) Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl listening to co-workers give speeches thanking him for his 40 years in public service.

During the reception, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Deputy Chief of Police LaCario Johnson was one of multiple people who shared kind words about Chief Biehl. “Chief Biehl knew the importance of being here for his officers and his community. Through it all he showed what leadership looks like, what great leadership looks like,” said Deputy Johnson.

Chief Biehl also addressed the room of people with a speech, highlighting both the positive and negative events he and his officers were faced with during his 13 and a half years as police chief in Dayton.

Along with discussing the 2019 mass shooting in the Oregon District, Chief Biehl touched on the tragic death of one of his officers. “The ultimate sacrifice of Detective George Del Rio. Who died while valiantly trying to protect this community and beyond from the distribution of a massive quantity of elicit drugs.”

In retirement, Chief Biehl says he plans to travel and spend time with friends and family. Another goal? Working on his garden. “Keep my garden in check…that’s not been an easy task in recent years. My fruit trees are looking good so…I really want to have a good harvest,” said Chief Biehl.

Chief Biehl’s last day is expected to be sometime in July, with Assistant Police Chief Lieutenant Colonel Matt Carper acting as interim chief until a permanent one is assigned.