DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A family-owned grocery store chain in the Miami Valley is expanding.

Dot’s Market opened their first location 72 years ago, and on Wednesday, the community celebrated the opening of its third store in Centerville.

In a world of national chains, Dot’s Market continues to stay competitive and meet the needs of its customers.

“I would not be here without my staff and my management team,” Nick Moshos, president and owner of Dot’s Market, said. “They keep everything rolling. They make Dot’s possible, not me. It’s the staff that does this. They’re the real rock stars.”

Dot’s Market is in Mosho’s blood. He started working at the Patterson Road store when he was 16. Moshos started bagging groceries, but years later, he worked his way up to a leadership role.

Buying the Dot’s on Patterson Road in 2017, he then took over the Bellbrook location in 2021.

While continuing the traditions at those original stores, he was also working to grow the brand, leading to Wednesday’s opening of the Cross Pointe Shopping Center location at 101 East Alex Bell Suite 176 in Centerville.

Those who have worked for him for years say he’s the perfect leader for the growing grocery chain.

“He wanted to pursue his career, obviously, his degree,” Robert Bernhard Jr. said. “I worked on him for two years to convince him to stay where he was, the role and position he was in the industry.”

Bernhard Jr. is the former owner of Dot’s and the son of the store’s founder. He worked tirelessly to bring Moshos back to the business, and after Moshos graduated from Wright State, Bernhard was successful.

“He finally succumbed to the pressure and made him an offer that he thought was very fair and something that he could make work,” Bernhard Jr. said. “That was years ago. That was in 2018.”

Bernhard Jr. still works with Moshos as they collaborate to grow the brand. Now up to three stores, Moshos said he isn’t ruling out more expansion in the future.

“Let’s get this store fine-tuned,” Moshos joked. “Then we can have that conversation another time.”