DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — City officials are working to find a safe home for dogs who were abandoned at a condemned house in West Carrollton.

A viewer reached out about a house on East Main Street, claiming that two dogs were left inside the home without water or air conditioning.

2 NEWS reached out to West Carrollton, and city officials say the house has been condemned.

Zoning department agents went to the house Tuesday morning. City officials say the homeowners were supposed to find a place for the dogs to stay but did not.

Now, the city is actively working to find a safe place for the dogs.

Community members say they just want action to be taken and the dogs to be cared for properly.

“I just want the dogs taken care of,” Lisa Apana, a local resident, said. “They can’t take care of themselves. It would be different if it were a person. They would bust in there and grab, you know, a kid or a baby or a person, but nobody is willing to jump in there and get these dogs. I understand they’re property, but they’re dogs.”

City officials did not say how many dogs were inside the house. The situation remains under investigation.