HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – There wasn’t an open seat in the Huber Heights City Council Chambers Thursday as Bethel Township Board of Trustees and Huber Heights City Council discussed an annexation dispute.

Developers with Carriage Trails want to expand a housing development on around 260 acres of Bethel Township land, but to accommodate the scale of the project, the land would need to be annexed into Huber Heights where zoning laws allow houses to be built closer together.

The township trustees called the meeting with the city council to discuss concerns and work out an agreement.

During the meeting, Bethel Township Trustee and President Don Black said they’ve seen enough of the township’s land annexed into the city, with concerns on how this development will overcrowd roads and Bethel Local Schools.

“Does it stop somewhere? How many are they going to buy? We’ve lost over 700 acres for that one development, and now they’re wanting another 260,” Black said.

Black said it’s up to either the property owners or the City of Huber Heights to deny the annexation.

Huber Heights Mayor Jeff Gore said the city is not taking the land, the property owners are selling it to the Carriage Trails developers, and the Miami County Commissioners will have to vote to approve annexation.

“I think we don’t want to be bad neighbors, but there’s also property owners who have made the decision that they want their property annexed to become part of Huber Heights,” Gore said.

While the municipalities did not reach an agreement during Thursday’s meeting, possible ideas and solutions were discussed.

One was that the Bethel Township trustees could look into their zoning laws and allow more density to take over the development project instead of annexing the land into the city.

Another idea was for Huber Heights to alleviate some of the stress on roadways and the school by investing money into expanding roads and a new school being built in the township.

Both said they need to take a better look at the numbers of how this will affect the community before coming to an agreement.

“I’m hoping we got across that we’d like to work with the developer, we would like to work with the owners, we would like to work with Huber Heights,” Black said.”

“I think we got the foundations at least for the beginning of a working relationship between two different governing bodies,” Gore said.

The Miami County Commissioners will meet next week to vote on the annexation.

It was proposed during Thursday’s meeting that the city and township reconvene in around 45 days to discuss the vote and work done to reach a solution.