DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — On this day 28 years ago, three warring factions from Bosnia signed off on the Dayton Peace Accords.

Three years ago, a documentary film called “Looking for Dayton” was screened at the Sarajevo Film Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia’s capital.

Filmmaker Valery Perry said that while the Dayton Peace Accords stopped the war, they also stopped short of giving ordinary Bosnians the power to shape their own politics.

“It’s very frustrating for me to see that whereas it used to be that people in Bosnia would hear Dayton and they would think, ‘Oh yeah Dayton, that ended the war,'” said Perry.

“Now there’s more of a sense that ‘Oh Dayton, you know that sort of created the status quo that’s not satisfying anyone,’ and this is something that I’m hopeful that people will be able to push through, but as of now we haven’t really been able to see that breakthrough.”

“Looking for Dayton” is free to watch online. Click here to watch the film.