MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WDTN) — The Ohio Department of Health is tracking COVID-19 case numbers that they say are above the number of daily cases seen before the COVID-19 vaccine was widely available.

Despite the rapid spread of COVID-19, top doctors say they’re not seeing substantial spread at outdoor events.

“Fortunately, what we’re finding is these large outdoor events turn out not to be these super-spreader events. It’s more linked to the events that are before or after, indoors where people gather,” explained Dr. Brian Kaminski, vice president of quality and patient safety with ProMedica.

To control the spread of COVID-19 indoors, the city of Dayton recently reinstated a mask mandate for all indoor public spaces. Doctors say they understand the resistance or reluctance many people are beginning to show in following the mandates.

“I fully understand that the general public is tired of restrictions, tired of mandates,” Kaminski said. “And there’s a significant degree of fatigue going on for people to return to activities prior to the start of the pandemic.”

“Because we’ve learned things [through the pandemic] that fuels speculation,” said Dr. Patrick Lytle, vice president for clinical outcomes at Kettering Health. “People get skeptical, that’s always been the American way. We thrive on freedom so when people feel that their freedom is being encroached it drives different personalities.”

Despite these emotions and urges, Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, director of the Ohio Department of Health, says Ohioans must band together and continue to follow the guidelines in place for the continued health and safety of all.

“Our collective success and our personal health really depends on our personal responsible decisions,” Vanderhoff said.