DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was in Dayton on Monday to visit a local children’s hospital in regard to mental health.

Dayton Children’s Hospital along with Gov. DeWine announced that $25 million will be given to the hospital for mental health projects through the Pediatric Behavioral Health Initiative. The projects will include a new mental building that would double inpatient treatment capacity, expand partial hospitalization rooms, increase access to psychological services as well as implement a bridge service to ensure smooth transition one level of treatment to another.

Gov. DeWine said that the two main issues with going to the hospital are wait time and lack of capacity. With the given, the hospital will combat those issues to create a facility to best help with mental problems in children.

“We face a mental health crisis in this country and we face a particular crisis in regard to mental health in our children,” said Gov. DeWine.

Along with the $25 million to the hospital, $1 billion has been made available to schools in the state of Ohio for service programs and projects solely for mental health treatment and help. The state has also been running a “Beat the Stigma” ad campaign on television to spread awareness.

“We should look at mental health problems as we look at any other physical medical problems,” said Gov. DeWine. “There should be no difference in how we look at them and there should be no difference in our urgency to treat them.”

Across the state, $84 million has been given to exclusively children’s hospitals for mental health.