SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was in Springfield on Monday to announce millions in funding for local law enforcement agencies.

According to the governor’s office, DeWine announced millions in funding for local law enforcement agencies as part of his Ohio Violent Crime Reduction Grant Program. A total of $58 million will be awarded as part of the program in the coming months.

These grants are in addition to advances in other programs such as matching guns to prior crimes in hope of catching repeat offenders, DeWine said.

This funding, which has been already approved by the general assembly will now be given to local law enforcement to decide how it should be spent.

“We have in this state over 900 law enforcement agencies,” DeWine said. ” They have unique challenges, unique problems – To keep it local, What Jamestown, Ohio, what they face is different from what Springfield faces.”

In Springfield, Springfield Police Chief Lee Graf said the money would help fund mobile security cameras. These high-definition cameras will help the police solve crimes, and also provide evidence for the prosecutors’ office so that stronger cases can be made. The cameras can be moved around the community, allowing for more efficient policing, he said.

“For law enforcement, videos and pictures give us the how, and oftentimes the why of an incident, of what occurred and how it occurred,” Graf said.

The Springfield Police Division expects to purchase over 40 security cameras to place in the community not only to gather evidence but also to make the department more effective in its response to violent crime.

Graf explains, “This grant will be used to enhance the Springfield Police Division’s technological capabilities to respond more effectively to criminal activity in our community.”

The full press conference can be watched in the video player above.