GREENE COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine visited the Miami Valley to discuss how programs like the Greene County Career Center help students succeed.

According to DeWine, programs like these are integral to filling out the workforce and ensuring that kids leave high school with a path in mind.

“It’s when we don’t give them the options, when we don’t show them all the different opportunities, that sometimes kids flounder,” DeWine said. “They don’t know where they’re going. They leave high school without any specific pathway. And we want every kid to be able to live up to their potential and really find something that they love to do”

Programs like the one at the Greene County Career Center work directly with businesses in the community. Often, students will spend part of the day in classes, and another part of the day getting real job experience.

Students can also get experience through simulation training. According to DeWine, the ability to train on a simulation before getting out into the field makes a big difference.

While it is good to have more workers in the trades, DeWine mentioned that this does not remove college as an option. According to DeWine, many kids graduate from these programs and then go on to college.

“Really the important thing is that every student in Ohio have the opportunity to go down whatever path works for them,” DeWine said. “And what you see when you come to the career centers is you see kids who are excited about what they’re doing: they want to use their hands, they want to use their brains, they want to do something different.”

For more information on the Greene County Career Center, visit their website here.