DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Gov. DeWine is taking action by addressing concerns of school bus safety across the state.

On Wednesday, DeWine announced the creation of the Ohio School Bus Safety Working Group. He wants the group to find out what more can be done to keep students safe on buses. 

The Ohio School Bus Safety Working Group is made up of 13 individuals representing medical, educational, and political backgrounds, as well as transportation experts and a parent. One of member from Greenville.

Members of the group will examine critical topics regarding bus safety, which includes verifying driver’s certifications, the possibility of seatbelts being required on buses and lessons learned from previous school bus crashes. 

On Tuesday, Aug. 11, 11-year-old Aiden Clark was killed and 23 students from Northwestern Local Schools were injured on their first day of school.

The governor says a primary goal of the group is addressing ongoing personnel issues across the state. 

“Well, I think every school is concerned about making sure they have enough bus drivers,” DeWine said. “Their margin of error is getting thin. I think some schools, you know, have told me that the backup drivers, they have the alternate drivers, they have, you know, those numbers are collapsing.”

DeWine asked the group to have their report ready by December for review.