DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The old Montgomery County Fairgrounds property might look a little different now that demolition has started in the area.

The development organization, onMain, was created by the University of Dayton and Premier Health to come up with a vision plan for the 38 acres of opportunity.

The organization has been working for two years to craft this plan. Throughout the process they have been asking for the public’s feedback. Thursday afternoon, onMain opened themselves to questions from the public duriing a forum at the University of Dayton.

“It’s really important i think for the community to understand that; both Premier health, and the University of Dayton are really committed to making this a place that belongs to the community,” said Buddy LaChance, CEO of onMain.

So far, the plans include spaces for healthcare, business creation, environmental sustainability and more. They’re also hoping to include housing areas and create a new type of walkable urban environment.

This isn’t just some other retail development or an office park or a housing development. But it’s really a combination of all of the things that people do when they live work and play in an area,” said LaChance.

The meeting was attended by residents who were interested in hearing updates and possibly working with the oganization on development. Many had attended previous meetings and said they plan to continue staying involved in the process.They also shared what they are hoping to see from the development.

“The seniors seem to be growing at a rate that would outnumber the younger ones. Therefore, the plan for [seniors] is an important one and should incorporate [seniors],” said John Saurine, a Dayton resident and meeting attendee.

Saurine also suggests that developers think long-term when planning the development.

The spaces that are being made here can be used; not only for what’s going on in our culture at the present time. but [also] what will be going on in our culture maybe 20 years down the line. [Hopefully] this place can refresh itself as the culture grows in the city of Dayton,” said Saurine.

LaChance says that the plans will be taken to the city of Dayton for review beginning in October. They are hoping to have approval and to begin moving forward with the vision by the end of December.