Dayton, Ohio (WDTN) – Demolition on a historic Troy building began, and then promptly stopped early Wednesday morning after officials said the owner did not obtain proper authorization.

According to a post by the City of Troy, the city was notified the morning of Wednesday, March 29 that the owner of a historic tavern building on 112-118 W. Main St. had begun tearing the building down. Richard Osgood with the Miami County Department of Development said that the owner had not gotten prior authorization from the city for the demolition.

“The City did not and has not authorized any demolition of any part of that structure. We have issued a stop work order and the Law Director is filing an injunction with the Miami County Common Pleas Court,” stated Mayor Robin Oda.

This update comes after the Miami County Building Department issued an Adjudication Order on March 27, labeling the building as unsafe and a serious hazard. The engineer’s report lists three ways the owner may address these concerns:

– Remove all the structures from the site.

– Remove the 1902 structure and the structures east, west and south of the 1841 building from the site.

– Remove the 1902 structure above the third floor.

The owner is required to take action no more than two weeks after the order.

While complete demolition was one of the options available to the owner, they were still required to gain proper authorization from the City of Troy. Since this authorization was not obtained, the city is now filing an injunction with the Miami County Common Pleas Court.

“The Building Department’s order does not prescribe which option the owners must take, nor does the order supersede any other administrative or legal actions taken by the courts or the City of Troy,” an updated release by the county Department of Development states. “The order simply requires the situation to be remedied and all options outlined in the order must meet the legal requirements set forth by the City of Troy and any other permitting agencies.”