DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The House of Representatives voted in a bipartisan measure late Wednesday evening to decide on whether to pass a bill to raise the debt ceiling, which would avoid a default.

After everyone voted on HR 3746, the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023, it was determined enough members of the House of Representatives had voted in favor of the bill. Three-hundred fourteen representatives voted ‘Aye’ the bill, while 117 representatives voted ‘No’ across the US. Four members did not vote.

2 NEWS looked into the members of the Miami Valley and how they voted on HR 3746. You can view how your representative voted below.

Representative NameHouse DistrictVoteParty
Mike Carey15AyeRepublican
Warren Davidson8AyeRepublican
Jim Jordan4 (Ohio)AyeRepublican
Greg Landsman1AyeDemocratic
Robert Latta5AyeRepublican
Greg Pence4 (Wayne County, Ind.)AyeRepublican
Mike Turner10AyeRepublican
Brad Wenstrup2AyeRepublican

The bill now awaits a vote by senators in the US Senate. If the bill passes through the Senate, it would then head to President Biden for him to decide if he wants to sign the bill into law.

A vote in the Senate could come as soon as Thursday.