DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Daytonians have been typing on their phones and searching on laptops and other electronic devices each day. Searching a definition, the newest trend or asking Google a question is just what most people do.

Google has announced the most popular search results in Dayton during the 2022 year.

The Dayton area experienced very high gas prices in the Spring, which could be the reason why people in Dayton searched “gas prices near me” more than any other city in the country.

A “great eared nightjar” was the top trending animal and walking taco was the top trending recipe in Dayton.

In an interesting note, Dayton was one of 4 places that searched “Catholic Church near me”, along with Gulfport Miss., Glendive Mont. and South Bend Ind.

The Ohio Players are from Dayton, but in 2022, the most searched music genre was rap in the area.

People have searched all year online, but here are the top 10 trending searches from Dayton in 2022:

  • Liquidation Stores near me
  • Diesel Prices near me
  • Cheapest Gas near me
  • Catholic Church near me
  • Gas Prices near me
  • Temp Services near me
  • State Liquor Store near me
  • Pilates near me
  • Remote Jobs near me
  • Movies Playing near me

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