DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– Dayton’s Foxton Court Apartments have sat empty for nearly three years after being ravaged by the 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes. Now, the owner of the property and the City of Dayton is considering selling the area of land to Five Rivers Metroparks.

The City of Dayton said a lack of responsible ownership and thieves destroyed the property beyond repair.

“As it was vacant, individuals took liberties stripping out stuff so before the owner could really make a plan moving forward, vandals and thieves undermined the property,” said Deputy Director of Planning, Neighborhoods & Development Department City of Dayton Steven Gondol. “By the time we all got involved, the property is at a point of no return.”

The owner has agreed to sell the property. At the same time, Dayton is donating 55 acres of surrounding area to help Five Rivers Metroparks obtain grant funding to clean up the land.

“The Clean Ohio Program is looking at assembling large pieces of land to return to natural state, so by ensuring that the adjacent 55 acres would remain natural along with the Foxton sight, it really helped their grant application in terms of strength of their proposal,” said Gondol.

In exchange for the property, metroparks will demolish over 120 individual Foxton Court apartments, which is expected to cost about $1.9 million.

“When private owners and other public partners come together, it provides a really good outcome for the community and we’re really excited to be a part of that,” said Gondol.

The city said they’re expecting to find out if Metroparks received the grant funding next month. Once that happens, the project can move forward.