DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)–Montgomery County Business Services and Preschool Promise teamed up to host a job fair Saturday morning, 50 local companies are looking to fill hundreds of positions.

“So we want to make sure that every child has an opportunity they need to excel in their education and start it off on the right foot,” said Preschool Promise Director of Marketing & Outreach Emily Broughton.

Non-profit Preschool Promise advocates that education starts at birth and every child should have the same educational opportunities.

Once you start your career in early childhood education, Preschool Promise will help grow your career. The nonprofit organization holds a regular training schedule with workshops and learning cohorts, as well as the Teacher Promise Stipend, which can pay for professional development. Their new Promise Scholars program works with educators in partner Preschools, paying for their Bachelor’s, Master’s and CDA certificates in full.

“We really value early childhood education and their workers, they are essential every time,” said Montgomery County Commissioner Carolyn Rice. “Those early years are so important when their brains are growing, developing all social and emotional skills, learning and growing in every way.”

Supporting early childhood education goes beyond the classroom, companies are looking to hire support positions including bus drives, maintenance, cooks and more.

“Right now we have so many centers that people are working multiple jobs or they’re shutting down classrooms because there’s not enough teachers available,” said Broughton. “That need is not diminishing, that need for childcare will always be present, now more so than ever.”

Anyone interested can register for the Early Learning Job Fair at

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