DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — An exercise dance class in Dayton is proving to be more than just a workout; it’s helping people build stamina and muscle, while also building up their confidence. 

Kelly Gibson is a busy mom of triplets and another child, and the founder of Innergize.

“Innergize is women empowerment dance fitness. It is my passion and my purpose combined,” says Gibson. “My passion is to help women move like they love themselves. My purpose is to help women realize that they’re worthy.”

Every Monday, her class draws a crowd at the Brightside in Dayton. 

“It definitely gets your heart rate up. You break a sweat for sure. It’s great for your overall health,” says Jacinta Ford who lives in Huber Heights. “The energy, the empowerment, it just makes you feel good. It helps you release any stressors that you’ve had over the week and stuff. It’s just time to kind of let go.”

It’s called Innergize because it’s not only about physical health, but also about emotional and mental wellness. 

“Most fitness instructors are really focused on only the physical aspect of it, but she really incorporates a lot of self-esteem, and that kind of thing into her classes,” states Erica Jones who lives in Dayton. “You can tell she’s really invested in everybody’s well-being. She wants to make sure everybody has a good time.”

“It’s spiritual, emotional. It’s transforming. And you know, everyday life can be hard and stressful. But this is a little relief from all of that,” states Laney Hayward of Englewood. “I had a big weight loss transformation–a lot to do with Kelly’s class. She’s the inspiration becoming a Zumba instructor.” 

The class is also about women supporting women. Gibson is the biggest cheerleader for those taking the class. 

“We all waste so much time comparing ourselves to one another. and we can all win. And that’s what’s really special about the energy in the room,” says Gibson. 

The class welcomes women of all levels and all abilities.

“I’m a caregiver with the State of Ohio, and I’ve been working with these girls for a little bit now, and we love Kelly’s class because she’s so inclusive,” says Emily Spicer who brought a group of people with special needs. 

Inspiring and motivating women, Gibson brings out the sweat and the best in everyone in every class. 

“Kelly is just so full of energy she keeps me going. When I feel like I’m down and out, she gets me going,” says Jen Hungling of Dayton who’s been taking classes from Kelly for about five years. “I actually got hooked up with her through Zumba through the YMCA and I’ve just followed her ever since.” 

Week after week, the energy is what keeps people coming back. 

“She just keeps going and going and going and I keep coming and coming and coming but this is so much fun! Always fun!” laughs Yvette Lynch who lives in Englewood. 

Classes take place on Mondays at 5:30 p.m. at the Brightside. For more information click here