DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Dayton Walk of Fame welcomes five new inductees in its 2021 Inductee Luncheon on Tuesday, October 12.  

The Inductee Luncheon will be held at 11:30 a.m. at the Sinclair Community College Conference Center in Building 12, a release by the Walk of Fame Committee said.

According to the release, the 2020 inductees will be included in the celebration due to the pandemic restrictions last year.

“We have another year of outstanding inductees,” said Harry Seifert, president and CEO of Wright Dunbar, Inc. “They are all excellent examples of the exceptional people who made great strides in their personal lives and have remembered the Miami Valley as their home.”

The Walk of Fame Class of 2020 honors individuals with achievements in the categories of Arts, Culture, Education, Invention, Science, Military, Community Service, Significant Personal Achievement, Entertainment, Media and Philanthropy.

The 2020 class of inductees include:

  • Hallie Quinn Brown, an educator and civil rights reformer during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
  • William Hale Charch, inventor of moisture proof cellophane and one of the developers of Teflon, Orlon, Dacron, and Lycra
  • Ohio Governor Mike Dewine, who supports several aviation and technology projects as well as passing strict drunk driving laws and improving education for increased job opportunities.
  • John Legend, a performer who lent his name to several world-wide charitable efforts as well as held concerts for local groups including the Springfield City School District and victims of the Oregon District mass shooting
  • William H. Pitsenbarger, Airman First Class who was was fatally shot and perished while saving the lives of wounded soldiers on the ground in Vietnam. He was posthumously awarded the Air Force Cross and the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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