DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Dayton VA Medical Center hosted a hiring event in an attempt to find qualified individuals looking for work in the healthcare field.

On Saturday, March 18, The Dayton VA Medical Center held a hiring event looking for advance medical support assistants to fill 21 active spots within the hospital’s practice management service.

Organizing officials say the need for help is increasing. The hiring professionals are working tirelessly to be able to fill the open healthcare positions by offering compensation packages and perks. By offering the advantages, the health organization at trying to attract prospective individuals that are looking for a healthcare career.

Kristy Grow is the Human Resources Specialist for Dayton VA hiring events and says the need for workers is imminent and important, because at the end of the day, the Dayton VA has to care for the veterans inside of the hospitals and they need people with experience.

“It’s a little difficult to find qualified applicants. They want me more out in the community letting people know what the VA has to offer as far as jobs and benefits,” Grow said. “These are all permanent full time position we’re hiring for today and we understand the need of our facility to hire this many people so we can fully care for our veterans.”

After hiring manager can review the applicant’s resume, if the individual is qualified and meets the requirements, the hiring manager will then escort the applicant to the auditorium to continue the interview process.

If the person is selected, they will go to the multi-purpose room to complete the final steps of filling out paperwork and receive their tentative job offer to work for the Dayton VA.

“They pulled me back into the other room and they were only doing that with a few people. Then, I waited like 20 minutes and one of the girls pulled me aside and said that if I can get on my email and accept the job and that I got the job,” Amber Rogers, an applicant who was hired at the event said.

During the first hour of the event, 106 applicants were in attendance and eight people had been hired on the spot, including Rogers.