DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – In an effort to attract more prospective employees in the midst of a worker shortage, one Miami Valley company has taken a creative approach to recruitment. 

Chuck Doran, owner of Far Hills Development, the company that owns and operates Lee’s Family Recipe, has partnered with Dayton rock band, Nightbeast to get community members’ attention. That’s because so far, many of the company’s recruiting efforts have not been as successful as planned. 

“We’re like most other QSR (quick service) restaurants,” said Doran. “We are experiencing our share of staffing issues. They do seem to be location specific. Of our 13 restaurants, I think five of them we consider staffing critical.”

To get people in the door and on the job, Doran said they had already tried a number of traditional initiatives — including internal incentives for employees to recruit friends, distributing gift cards to customers who applied, passing applications through the drive-thru, and incorporating text-to-hire. However, none of those seemed to work.

That’s where, he said, Night Beast comes in. 

“It was like, we had to do something that stands out,” said Doran. “That says we’re different, that we’re cool, that we’re a great place to work, we’re fun. It was like [we thought of] Nightbeast. Let’s do something with those guys. They like us, they enjoy being in our stores, we have a great relationship. So can we do something with them that will get people’s attention?”

With the band frequenting the Oregon District for performances and with some members of the band being business owners themselves, they said helping draw attention to Lee’s employment issue was the least they could do for their city.

“We know what it’s like to be in the service industry because a lot of us used to work in the service industry,” said Nick Testa, singer with the band. “So we know how frustrating it can be to have people backed up and waiting and wanting our product and we can’t get it to them. We’re a a Dayton band and this is a Dayton restaurant. This is the place that we’ve been eating our whole lives and it just fits.”

Doran said those interested in “auditioning” for the Lee’s team can walk in a restaurant and ask for a general manager or send a direct message to Lee’s Chicken Rocks on Instagram or Facebook. 

To view the Lee’s and Nightbeast collaboration, see the video below.