DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — In November, U.S. consumer prices rose at the fastest rate in nearly four decades. Inflation rose 6.8 percent from a year ago in November, according to the consumer price index released Friday.

Jeff Haymond, an economics professor at Cedarville University said, “I see the higher prices going forward into the next year.”

According to the report, consumer prices rose at the fastest pace since 1982.

“The booming economy is a reflection of a large degree of extreme fiscal and monetary pressures,” Haymond said.

Energy prices have risen 33.3 percent since November 2020, including a 3.5 percent surge in November. Food prices have jumped 6.1 percent over the year, and consumers in Dayton are feeling the pinch.

“You’re paying almost twice the price you used to pay it’s just a terrible situation right now,” said Paige Gibson, a Kroger shopper.

“I’ve never seen the prices this high, in the convenient store, the small market, larger stores, and even in the small business stores, we’ve all been raising our prices to try to make it through a little bit,” said Jay Jones, owner of Platinum Caterers.

Excluding food and energy, the CPI increased 4.9 percent, in line with expectations, the highest level since June 1991. Experts said the supply-and-demand imbalance is an ongoing impact of the pandemic.

“Nobody wanted to be accused of raising prices in the middle of the pandemic. As this continues, and the longer it goes on, more and more businesses are feeling the pressure,” Haymond said.