DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Dayton City Commission has repealed the citywide mask mandate that was put into place nearly two months ago on September 15.

With COVID-19 cases are going down in the state and county, city commission decided to that masks are no longer required inside businesses or other indoor public spaces.

“That’s what we were trying to do, make sure people can go about their normal lives, but we have to keep people safe at the same time,” Mayor Nan Whaley said.

Whaley said city officials had discussions with Public Health – Dayton and Montgomery County leading up to the decision.

City commission reinstated its mask mandate on September 15 as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations were rising in the county.

Ohio Department of Health data shows in Mid-September, Montgomery county was seeing around 400 cases a day, now it’s recording around 100 or less a day.

“Since we’ve seen that number come down from the delta variant, we can now, with the support of Public Health be able to lift this mask mandate,” Whaley said.

The ordinance required masks in all public, indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status.

While businesses will no longer have to make their customers and guests wear masks, the City of Dayton will keep its mask requirment in their buildings in place.

Whaley said just because masks can come off, doesn’t mean people should skip vaccinated.

“We really need everyone to get vaccinated,” Whaley said. “If everyone was vaccinated we wouldn’t have to wear masks because we wouldn’t have the spread of the disease, but until we can get that full vaccinated number, then we have different levels.”

The Dayton City Commission held a meeting on Wednesday, November 3 to discuss the Dayton Recovery Plan. The meeting was held at 6 pm, following a work session at 4:30 pm in the Planning and Resource Center.