DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Dayton police officers were involved in a short chase after a suspect fled a traffic stop, eventually crashing into another vehicle on E. 4th Street and Murray Drive.

An officer initially attempted to stop a suspect’s vehicle on E. 4th Street and S. Jersey Street early Thursday afternoon. The suspect fled to an alley on Livingston Avenue and Barstow Avenue. When the officer found the suspect, they proceeded to ram the cruiser which disabled it — the suspect then fled that scene as well.

Other officers in the area attempted to stop the suspect, but once they weren’t compliant police engaged in a short chase throughout East Dayton.

The suspect drove through a stop sign on E. 4th Street and Murray Drive, colliding with another vehicle.

Three people were taken to Miami Valley Hospital as a result of this, including two people from the suspect’s vehicle and one from the other. The severity of their injuries and their current condition is unknown.

The officer in the cruiser that was rammed by the suspect did not sustain any injuries. A postal vehicle was damaged during the chase, but it is unclear where it happened.

During a separate news conference, Lt. Jason Hall of the Dayton Police Department confirmed that the suspect was now in police custody.

This is a developing story and will update it if new information becomes available.