DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Dayton Public Schools is welcoming changes to the district this school year with how students are transported.

Now, parents will be able to track their K-8th grade students’ location at all times with ID badges while they ride DPS buses.

The company behind the new system, Tyler Technologies, has served over 2,500 school districts in the U.S. and Canada.

The technology works in five parts, starting with routing software for directions, a telematic GPS system, a tablet for drivers, RFLD for students to swipe and an app for parents so they can see their student’s location.

They say all parts work together to ensure efficiency, and app is a great way for parents to avoid first day of school confusion.

“A common thing for the first day of school is, hey, where is my student going to pick up the bus, and where are they going to get off,” Ted Thien, Tyler Technologies Vice President & General Manager- Transportation, said. “It tells them that. So, the first thing it does for everybody is it makes all that information accessible to the parent, and then as they’re going through the day, they can see that the parent will know where that child is going on and off the bus and what time they did that.”

In addition, Dayton Public Schools held a groundbreaking ceremony last week to commemorate the new DPS Transportation Center.

The renovated center will include more open space, break areas, restrooms and office spaces for employees.