DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Electric scooter rentals will be available in Dayton starting Wednesday, and officials are reminding potential riders of the regulations they must follow.

Dayton officials say you could be cited if you do not follow city regulations while using an electric scooter.

Several people told 2 NEWS they are looking forward to the scooter rentals coming to the streets of Dayton.

“I think it’s a great idea for people to have an option to get around,” said Julie Knight, a Kettering resident who works in downtown Dayton.

But some people said they have concerns about safety.

“If they’re doing things like coming down the walk or coming up through here… they really need to stop those things,” said Johnny Dawson, who lives in Dayton.

Accidents involving electric scooters have been reported in other cities. In July, two people were injured in Covington, Ky. when an electric scooter ran a red light and collided with an SUV, according to Covington police.

Back in April, Dayton city officials passed rules and regulations for riders and the companies that own the rentals, explained Martin Gehres, assistant city attorney.

Scooter riders must follow the same laws as cyclists, Gehres said.

“Most of the time, you’re supposed to be in the bike lanes on the road,” Gehres said. “You’re not supposed to ride on the sidewalk.”

Gehres told 2 NEWS he and other city officials looked at other cities with electric scooters, including Cincinnati, Columbus and Louisville, when creating the new regulations.

The scooters must also be parked properly, Gehres said. Scooter parking is monitored, in part, by an app used for the rentals, which will be run by the company Spin, he added.

“They can park them to the side of the sidewalk to the furthest and try not to block pedestrian movement,” Gehres said.

Scooter riders who do not follow the city’s rules and regulations could be cited and face fines, Gehres said.

Electric scooter riders could be charged with crimes as serious as OVI, he added.

“Just be safe out there,” Gehres said. “Make sure you obey traffic laws. Ride scooters with common sense, and don’t be reckless.”

The scooters will be available in some Dayton neighborhoods, including the downtown area and near the University of Dayton campus, Gehres said. The city hopes to add more all over the city, he added.

The city is hosting a launch party for the electric scooter program Wednesday at 11 a.m. in Courthouse Square.