DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Today, 10-year-old Rylee Davis, is joining preteens and teens across the country in giving back to the homeless.

The group is taking part of Project I Am virtually this year from at least 28 different cities. The initiative was started by Jahkil Jackson, a pre-teen in Chicago, who has made more than 35,000 bags for his area so far.

“Unfortunately people are homeless all around the world. So that’s where I step in and the other kids step in. We are going to be giving “blessing bags” to people in our own states and our own areas,” explained Rylee.

The bags created by Rylee today will be donated to Daybreak, an emergency shelter for youth in the Miami Valley.

“I feel bad because those people don’t have a bed like I do, or don’t have someone feeding them every day. You never really know what the story is for most people,” said Rylee.

Rylee first met and interviewed Jahkil through her online talk-show. The Rylee Show, that she’s been creating since she was 7 years old. Now, she’s using her platform to make a difference.

“Don’t wait to be great. Do whatever you want to do now and help out our community because you don’t know what people need,” she said.

For more information on Project I Am, click here.