DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Following a physical incident involving Dayton Police and a Dayton man, the police department is providing a community incident report and more details in an effort to shed light on the widely-shared video.

The incident happened September 30 around 12:30 p.m. on the 1900 Block of West Grand Avenue. Body camera footage and more details on the incident were released by police to the public on October 8.

In the video, officers can be seen confronting and dragging a man identified as Clifford Owensby from a car. In the incident report, officers say they initiated a traffic stop on a white Audi which Owensby was driving. Officer say they were alerted that the car was leaving a suspected drug house which was being monitored for the Narcotics Bureau.

Owensby reportedly gave his identification information to officers, which led them to discover that Owensby had previous felony drug and weapon history. Officers also report that an unrestrained three-year-old was also in the car.

The responding officers requested a Narcotics Detection K-9 at the scene to search Owensby’s car. However, when asked to step out of the car, Owensby told police that he was a paraplegic and unable to get out of the vehicle without help.

After an argument, police are heard on video telling Owensby that he could cooperate or they would “drag him from the car.”

Owensby was then dragged out of the car by officers by his arms and hair and wrestled to the ground. Video was captured of this altercation and was widely circulated online garnering national attention and condemnation.

In a statement, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley said:

The video of this police interaction is very concerning to me. No matter where you live or what you look like, everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect when dealing with Dayton Police. Immediately following this interaction, the City released the body camera footage and a full investigation is already underway. Dayton remains committed to our ongoing community-led police reform process and providing transparency in situations like this.

Nan Whaley, Dayton Mayor

Dayton police say there’s a professional standards bureau investigation started on October 1 and findings will be released once complete.

The president of the Dayton area Fraternal Order of Police said in a statement:

“Sometimes the arrest of noncompliant individuals is not pretty, but is a necessary part of law enforcement to maintain public safety which is one of the fundamental ideologies of our society.”

Jerome A. Dix , Dayton Fraternal Order of Police President

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