DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Dayton Police Department has identified the sword-wielding naked man who was shot by officers Wednesday.

The suspect, who reportedly charged police officers from his home with a medieval sword, has been identified as 34-year David Showalter.

In video released by DPD, Showalter can be seen unclothed and running towards Dayton officers Joshua Blankley and John Griffin after they got out of their vehicles on Suman Avenue shortly after 5 p.m.

After Showalter gets closer, he points the sword at the officers in an aggressive manner. The officers responded by shooting him in his lower body area.

Showalter was treated at a hospital and is in serious condition from the gunshot wounds.

Dayton police Chief Kamran Afzal explained the department’s policy when it comes to lethal force.

“There’s no option of not responding to this scene,” Afzal said. “We got to go. That’s the service we provide, protecting the people from unsafe acts committed by somebody else. That’s the standard. Another standard is, was the force used reasonably? Was it proportional? Is this necessary?”

Afzal also said this incident showed their training over the last year on time equals distance is working when it comes to incidents like this.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s office is handling the criminal investigation while Dayton police complete an internal investigation.

Charges related to the alleged rushing of the officers will be filed by the Montgomery County prosecutor.

You can watch the full Dayton police press conference on the incident here.