DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The downtown Dayton Metro Library location has resumed normal hours after last night’s fatal crash involving a stolen police cruiser.

Tim Kambitsch, Executive Director of the Dayton Metro Library, released a statement on Tuesday in response to the tragedy.

He stated, in part:

First, let me say that entire Dayton Metro Library family is shaken by the incident which took place Monday night on East Third Street.  I know you all join me in sending your most heartfelt condolences for the families involved. 

Both last night and this morning I have personally spoken to staff and I am so proud of how we responded in the midst of such a crisis.  After hearing the collision on the street, our staff and United Protection Services security reacted immediately to secure safety for patrons, as well as pedestrians.  As a precaution, children and adults in the Children’s Area were taken to the closed staff hallway. All other patrons were encouraged to move away from the Third Street side of the building.

Tim Kambitsch, Executive Director of the Dayton Metro Library

Kimbitsch says that the Main Library closed in order to help police with their investigation once the suspect had been contained. All staff and patrons left the building within 30 minutes.

He continued:

This morning, we were able to resume normal operating hours. We will continue to aid DPD as they work to piece together the details.  Investigators received copies of security video footage early Tuesday morning, released under exigent circumstances. 

Moving forward, we have reached out to the Montgomery County Victim’s Witness Division in hopes that they can provide more details about the victims, but at this time we only know what is being reported in the news.  Please know, for any DML staff member, contractor or volunteer, we encourage the use of our Employee Assistance Program to help with the emotional impact of this and other recent events in Dayton.  We will schedule a crisis debriefing with the Victim’s Witness Division in the near future.

Finally, I want to thank Dayton Metro Library staff, US Protection security officers, and Robinson’s Janitorial Service employees for their quick and concerted efforts in response to the events of last night.   The strength of our team was quite evident last night and early this morning. You make me proud.

Tim Kambitsch, Executive Director of the Dayton Metro Library