DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Dayton Mayor Jeffrey Mims, Jr., gave his second State of the City address Wednesday morning.

Touting the city’s accomplishments, for the first time there was no formal speech. Breaking with tradition, in a more relaxed, interview-style format, former 2 NEWS anchor Marsha Bonhart asked the questions.

Taking place at the Dayton Metro Library in the same auditorium where he was sworn in, the former coach and teacher says the city has to do more for youth.

“Education is more than just what’s happening in the classroom,” states Mayor Mims.

Last year, he held the city’s first Youth Summit.

“The way we move our young people into a space to be effective is how we prepare them while they’re in school,” states Mayor Mims.

Receiving $138 million dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act, he talked about the ways in which the city is using that money, including demolishing eyesores.

“Putting $22 million dollars into demolishing 1,100 homes is going to be a real big boost,” says Mayor Mims.

Highlighting the growth of the city with the second phase of the Arcade, more housing and businesses downtown, and the Salem Avenue infrastructure project, he says they’re continuing to work on areas like police-community relations and cracking down on reckless driving.

Mayor Mims also addressed the downfalls in the last year with the battle over the budget, saying it’s on track this year.

“What happened shouldn’t have happened. But we have it on lock right now and it’s moving in the right direction,” states Mayor Mims.

He also says mental health resources are a top priority.

In terms of employment and job growth, the mayor says he wants to implement apprenticeship programs and more job training to prepare the next generation and get them to work.