DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Dayton man accused of shooting a person in line at a food truck is now facing two charges, according to Prosecuting Attorney Mat Heck, Jr.

On Saturday, January 14, 31-year-old Tyshaun Wilson walked up to the line at a food truck in Dayton’s Oregon District. The man cut the line, sparking an argument between him and the other patrons.

Wilson left the scene, police said, and returned moments later with a handgun. He allegedly fired the gun into the Food Truck line, hitting one victim in the leg.

“People need to stop using firearms to settle disputes and learn to have some common courtesy and respect for others,” Heck said.

On Wednesday, February 8, the Montgomery County Grand Jury indicted Wilson on two charges: Felonious Assault (deadly weapon) and Felonious Assault (serious physical harm). Both charges include 3-year firearm specifications.

Wilson is currently being held at the Montgomery County jail on a $250,000 bond. He will be arraigned on Tuesday, February 14.