DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – After being postponed several times, the KISS concert is finally happening – and it’s the moment that one diehard fan has been waiting for.

Mark Lang could be one of the biggest KISS fans in Ohio.

He loves the band and has a passion and talent for playing the drums and the piano.

“I just had a natural rhythm. I always wanted to play drums ever since I was a kid,” said Lang.

Lang is hoping fourth time will be the charm with KISS taking the stage Thursday night. The concert has been canceled three times at the Nutter Center since 2020.

“First time everything was canceled because of COVID,” said Lang. The second time, two band members –Gene and Paul – had COVID. The third time is when it was canceled at the last minute.”

Ahead of the concert, Lang is ready to rock and roll all night.

Celebrating the band year-round with a KISS-mas tree, he’s also collected a room full of memorabilia over the years, starting with a KISS lunchbox.

Over time, he’s also perfected his concert look, dressing up like he’s the band’s original drummer Peter Criss.

“I do not – And I’m going to make this clear, I do not go around like that all the time. Just for the concert and just for Halloween,” said Lang with a laugh. “That is not my everyday attire. I want to make that very clear.”

Lang dresses up for most concerts with full makeup and seven-inch platform boots. It’s a two-hour-long transformation that usually attracts some attention.

“In the Farewell Tour when I was dressed like that, a roadie came by, he gave my friend and I tickets to the second row in 2000 when they were at Nutter Center,” said Lang.

Seats in the tenth row this time, he says it will be bittersweet.

“It’s going to be the last show. It’s sad,” said Lang. “They’ve been a part of my life, you know? I can remember the year each album came out. Like I said, I grew up listening to them.”

While it’s the End of the Road Tour for KISS, Lang hopes this concert will go down in KISS-story.

“It would be cool if they saw my story from the last time and they said, ‘hey come and do a song with us.’ That would be the ultimate,” said Lang with a smile.

The KISS concert takes place at the Nutter Center at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Doors open at 6 p.m.