DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton International Airport and the Greater Dayton RTA have dropped their mask requirements in response to a federal judge’s ruling that struck down the federal mask mandate.

It’s been almost two years since most major airlines started requiring masks, now they can come off aboard planes and in airports that allow it.

Dayton International Airport has made masks optional.

“People are ready to come out of their masks, they’re ready to travel, and we certainly hope they think Dayton first when they’re making their travel plans,” Airport Spokesperson Linda Hughes said.

There was a mix of masked and unmasked passengers passing through the airport Tuesday afternoon with a mix of opinions on the ruling.

“It’s just a relief because we’re traveling pretty far, it’s like a four hour flight,” airport traveler Rachel Gealy said.

“It’s a lifestyle thing now, I feel comfortable with it, and I think for me, it’s still a safety concern of mine,” airport traveler Anthony Body said.

Some passengers who chose not to wear a mask said it’s about comfort during their flight.

“So excited that you’ll be able to see people’s faces, be able to breathe easily, so it’s been a long time coming,” airport traveler Renee Miller said. “We have been overseas a few times and you just couldn’t sleep with the mask on for those overseas flights.”

Those who chose to keep masks on said it’s about comfort, knowing they’re protecting themselves and others.

“I have family who have immunocompromised diseases, so that’s the only reason why I wear my mask. I wear it for elderly, school children, things like that, I like to keep my mask on,” airport traveler Samantha Webb said.

The federal judge’s ruling also applies to all public transportation like buses. The Greater Dayton RTA dropped its mask requirement for buses and transit centers Monday night.

“Over 90% of our staff, including our drivers, are fully vaccinated, over 35% of those are boosted,” Greater Dayton RTA CEO Robert Ruzinsky said. “I felt it was time. We all learned to live a little bit better with COVID, take precautions, social distance and whatnot.”

Ruzinsky said while not mandated, they’ll respect the riders who choose to wear a mask.

“Any of our passengers, or our employees, can continue to wear masks if their choice, and we will continue to provide those free-of-charge,” Ruzinsky said.

Dayton International Airport will also continue to support mask wearers and offer free masks. The airport also plans to keep hand sanitizer stations and encourage social distancing.

“You may still hear some announcements basically just reminding travelers to be safe, and maybe to watch their distance as they are standing in line,” Hughes said.