DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – After a double homicide in Dayton on Sunday, police said homicides in the City of Dayton have doubled from this time last year.

During a press conference on a recent double homicide Tuesday, Maj. Brian Johns with the Dayton Police Department said there is definitely have an issue with gun violence in Dayton.

“I wish I could say something or do something to make it all stop, but ultimately, it’s going to fall upon those people who who pull that trigger and don’t think twice before they do,” Johns said.

Johns said since January 1, there have already been 12 homicides in the City of Dayton, up from six this time last year.

Johns said more often than not, people are turning to gun violence to resolve a conflict or issue.

“I can’t stress enough that there are different ways to solve or resolve issues than getting a gun and shooting somebody or shooting their house up,” Johns said.

According to data 2 NEWS requested from the Dayton Police Department, from January 1 until February 27, 40 people have been shot and there have been 83 shots fired incidents in the City of Dayton.

“It’s devastating, of course, it’s also not particularly surprising,” Kristine Woodworth with Moms Demand Action

Woodworth said gun violence is increasing nationally. The organization estimates more than 110 people die by a gun per day in the U.S.

“We have seen the state legislature steadily loosen our gun laws in Ohio, and that is the wrong direction,” Woodworth said.

Woodworth said it’s more than just changing laws, the culture needs to change, too, starting with being a responsible gun owner.

“You need to keep your gun secure so that can’t be stolen or accessed by somebody who needs it,” Woodworth said.

Johns added gun violence is the worst solution to any problem.

“When you decide to do that, you’re pretty much throwing your life away,” Johns said. “When you kill somebody, right, you get a death penalty or if not, probably life imprisonment, and is it really worth it? You know, I don’t think it is.”

Johns said the department still has unsolved cases this year. Anyone with information about any recent homicides in the City of Dayton are asked to call the Dayton police department at 333-cops or crime stoppers at 222-stop.