DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Dayton Foundation released their draft protocol of the Oregon District Tragedy Fund on Monday morning, with the majority of the nearly $3 million going to the families of the nine people who lost their lives in the August mass shooting.

On August 16th, a 15-member Oversight Committee was formed, and are responsible for determining the final protocol that will allow and determine what amount of the funds go to the families who lost someone and those who were physically injured.

On Monday, one of the committee’s co-chairs, Brother Raymond Fitz, and the Dayton Foundation President, Mike Parks estimated that by October 31, the final date of collection, $3 million will have been raised.

Parks said the committee have worked pro bono, along with their two advisers, Mr. Ken Feinberg and Ms. Camille Biros, to ensure the funds go directly to the victims and their families.

Parks said Feinberg and Biros have consulted on 30 other victim compensation funds, including 9/11 and the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Their draft protocol suggests 75 percent of the funds go to the families or personal representatives of the nine people who lost their lives, 20 percent go to the individuals who were hospitalized for 48 hours or longer, and the remaining five percent go to the individuals who were treated at a hospital or licensed physician within 48 hours of the shooting for a related injury.

“All the individuals within each of those classes will be treated the same, so regardless of the extent of their injury or the financial situation,” said Parks.

“We looked at several scenarios of this, what we thought was fair, and what we had guidance on,” said Fitz. “I think we came up with the best process we could, given the time and the constraints that we had.”

Before the Oversight Committee finalizes the protocol, they are holding two public forum meetings to hear concerns from the community and answer any questions.

They encourage the community to review the draft that details applicant eligibility, process for completing an application, and timeline before attending one of the community meetings.

The meetings will be held Monday, Sept. 16, from 10-11:30 a.m., or 6-7:30 p.m., both at Sinclair Community College, Building 12.

“We’ll take those back and again, enter into a constructive conversation around what we’ve heard and what people have said and then make a decision,” said Fitz.

Parks said if you cannot make the meetings, they are welcoming people to communicate with them online until Friday, Sept. 20.

The Oversight Committee will then vote on a final protocol on October 1 which will include how the money will be distributed and who is eligible to submit a claim.

According to the initial draft, a uniform application along with a list of required documents will be provided to all known victims and families or other representatives of the nine people who lost their lives on October 1.

The Final Protocol and application forms will also be available online and are due by 6 p.m. on October 31, which is also the cutoff date for donations to be included in the first distribution of funds the victims.

“There’s a group of attorneys that have stepped forward in town, working pro bono, that will help any family that needs any assistance filling out those forms that have had a family member taken,” said Parks.

Parks said they hope to distribute the funds by Thanksgiving.

For more information on the draft protocol, the public forums, and the timeline, click here.