TROY, Ohio (WDTN) – The Dayton Foundation awarded more than $580,000 in grants to local organizations.

The money comes from donors who ask the foundation to use the money to address the greatest opportunities and emerging needs in the greater Dayton region.

One of the organizations that received money is the Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County.

The shelter’s organizers said these funds will help them expand to a new location that helps them serve almost double the amount of people.

The shelter’s Franklin House is a home away from home for those escaping domestic violence or experiencing homelessness.

But Barbara Holman, the shelter’s executive director, said they’re in need of more space.

“Through our new space we’re going to increase our bed space from 22 to 40,” said Holman.

The Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County just received a $25,000 discretionary grant from the Dayton Foundation to help with that goal.

Barbra Stonerock, the Dayton Foundation’s VP of Community Engagement, said every year, the Dayton Foundation gives out about $50 million in the form of grants, and about 98 percent of that is from the donors who have accounts with the foundation.

“We go out and put our ears to the ground and listen to what’s happening now, what are the emerging needs in our community, and we make sure those dollars get to where they’re needed,” said Stonerock.

The $25,000 brings the Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County to $1.7 million of the $2.3 million needed.

Danielle Sweitzer, the shelter supervisor, said this money will allow them to make the new location handicap accessible.

“We’re noticing that a lot of our population is aging, and all of our dormitories are on the second floor,” said Sweitzer. “So in order for our women and children to get to their sleeping area, they have to be able to climb stairs.”

Sweitzer said with the new location, they’ll be able to separate the domestic violence and homeless programs.

“There are a lot of services that we need to provide to our clients who are fleeing domestic violence that we can’t because of having the homeless population in the same building,” said Sweitzer.

For more information on the Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County, click here.

Other discretionary grants were awarded to the following organizations:

  • Dayton Crayons to Classrooms ($10,000) to assist in hiring a Director of Development and Marketing to expand the organization’s donor base and explore additional funding opportunities.
  • Dayton Oregon District Tragedy Fund ($100,000) to support the victims and families of the August 4, 2019, mass shooting.
  • Victoria Theatre Association ($25,000) to help create a new brand incorporating all aspects of the Theatre Association’s venues and operations.
  • Greater Dayton Disaster Relief Fund ($400,000) to aid organizations that are helping to rebuild the most impacted areas following the Memorial Day tornadoes.